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The Civic Center Redevelopment Update

June 5, 2023 FWW Monthly Meeting
Atlanta Civic Center Slide Show and Poll 
PRESENTER Kandice Mitchell – Ohio River South
PRESENTER Angel Rodrigues-Colon SOM 


“it is no longer enough to build buildings, we need buildings which help build, connect and enliven our neighborhood social, economic and environmental ecosystems .”  Old Fourth Ward and Everyone Else!

(ABOVE) Looking east over Midtown/Downtown to FWW -Image from Atlanta Housing-

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FWW VP Wendy Jamerson  is on the Civic Center Dev Committee and keeps FWW in the loop.
(1) Signed a non-disclosure for Evaluation of Developers
(2) Represents FWW with other community reps from COA:

MEETING MINUTES: (google public drive)
2022_08-01_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_05-02_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_04-07_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_02-07_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_01-05_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_01-05 Civic Center Community Feedback.pdf
All Atlanta Housing’s Briefing Official Update Slideshows to the FWW:


SEPTEMBER 15 2022 Atlanta Civic Center’s future finally becomes clearer. Probably–How do you feel, ATL, about Atlanta Housing’s latest redevelopment decision?
AUGUST 24 2022 Housing authority again taps developers to revamp Atlanta Civic Center
MAY 31 2022
Developer’s decision to bail on Atlanta Civic Center revamp “great surprise” to housing authority
APRIL 21 2022
Grammy Museum at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center
SEPTEMBER 01 2021 Atlanta Civic Center redevelopment is officially back in play Atlanta Housing issues call for developers of sizable, idle site where Old Fourth Ward meets downtown 


The Stitch Initiative
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(ABOVE) Looking north at the Civic Center Redevelopment (blue) and the Stitch Initiative over I-75/I-85 Connector (green) -Image from Atlanta Housing- Stitching Downtown Back Together The I-75/I-85 Downtown Connector was heavily constructed during the late 1970s & early 1980’s and destroyed street grids east and south of downtown. “The Stitch” is a design study for a new ¾-mile platform that spans the I-75/I-85 Downtown Connector and ‘stitches’ Downtown back together. The concept creates 14 acres of new urban greenspace atop a new platform structure from the Civic Center MARTA Center at West Peachtree Street to FWW and Piedmont Avenue.
2022 Update: HERE
2019 Update: HERE
More info: Central Atlanta Progress/Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID), Urban Land Institute (ULI)
140 Pine Street & 505 Courtland Woodfield Development – Patrick Kassin 404-403-1515 MEETING MINUTES: (google public drive) 2022_03-07_FWW Meeting Minutes+ZOOMchat.pdf
Wingate Communities
MEETING MINUTES: (google public drive)
333 Angier Demo Schedule
2022_08-01_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_07-06_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_05-02_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
2022_04-07_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
All Wingates Update Slideshows to the FWW:


  •  La Veria Baker
    Senior Development Mgr
  • Rod Teachey
    Chief Development Officer
Emory Campus

Emory property update – David Payne,
New Dev. Boundaries: Peachtree/Renaissance/Courtland/ Pine
David C. Payne Associate Vice President, Planning and Engagement Emory University (404) 727-0996 – work

    • Bring Artists to street fronts
    • Working with Mid-town Alliance, CAP, Midtown West
    • Cleanup graffiti and trash
    • Winship Cancer Center (under Bank of America tower)
    • Mission: Healthcare/Education

MEETING MINUTES: (google public drive)
2022_08-01_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf

420 Linden Residential Dev
Karim Shariff
MEETING MINUTES: (google public drive)
2022_07-06_FWW Meeting Minutes.pdf
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A where is it Mystery COA Dev: Jackson Street Parklet !!!
Artists Conception of Jackson Street Bridge Parklet Project

FABULOUS Jackson Street Bridge Parklet Project A submission idea for the City of Atlanta Placemaking Competition by Jonathan DiGioia NPU-M Transportation Chair.
On June 6, 2018 this project won The Department of City Planning Placemaking Program.
In 2019 Colorado-based advocacy group PeopleForBikes awarded Atlanta a $10,000 grant to help make the miniature park—or “parklet”—happen on the bridge, all dotted with shrubs, trees, and seating.
2021 News From Urbanize.City Atlanta
For more info and further backstory links:
The Darwin Hotel
Great Write up: Location is around the corner and sharing parking with the Dollar Store Plaza, which the organization is fixing up (the Dollar Store is a renowned neighborhood eye sore). Community Benefit Agreement was proposed by Dorthey Hurst following the Public Safety meeting when their application for a liquor license was presented.

Crosby Spears Towers Renovation
OCD Developers
By Developer Jonathon O’Connell.  His company OCD Management has purchased two buildings on Angier and 3 or 4 on Parkway that they are renovating and will be renting and managing. 

The two grey buildings opposite Parkway-Angier Park currently have Wingate medallions on them for 401 and 407.  There are also 2-3 on Parkway, especially one across from Peace Park on Wabash.

Adjacent Ponce De Leon Devs
272 Ponce de Leon Avenue:
Medical Center
LIDL Grocer
  a chain of international grocery stores that has been expanding throughout Europe for over 40 years, is proposing development on the 1.25 acre site located on Ponce de Leon Avenue between Penn Avenue and Argonne Avenue.

**Overlook of major devs in O4W neighborhood associations FWW,  FWA, FWN & SAND :