Event Calendar

  1. OCTOBER 30 Hoop Exchange in Central Park on the  Atlanta Hawks Sponsored Basketball Courts
    1. contact: wytonwork@icloud.com
      Jordan Wyton. Please reach out to me with any questions or charity suggestions!
    2. @hoopatlanta / hoopatlanta.com


One Music Fest https://onemusicfest.com/ 

    • Nov 12 from 10-3.  Neighborhood Kickball Challenge in H4WP Skate Park.  Need 10-12 sign ups.  Flyer to follow.  Beat FWA and FWN plus other teams from apts and neighbors in the O4W.  Part of O4W weekend.
    • November 11th-13th- Fall in the Fourth
      • Thursday – Taste of the Fourth
      • Saturday – Kickball Tournament
      • Sunday – Block Party (see below)