GA Tech -Energy Study

Housing and Energy Insecurity in Atlanta: Study Invitation
Compensation: $30 grocery gift card

Hello! My name is Noel Webber and I am a graduate student at Georgia Tech in the City Planning Department. I am conducting research on household energy burdens and insecurity in Atlanta, and I am inviting you to participate if you have a high energy burden, which can be described as spending 6% or more of your monthly income on monthly energy (sum of gas and/or electricity) costs for your home.

Participation in this research includes an interview, preferably at your place of residence, about your expenses on energy, how those expenses impact your other bills, and how the condition of your housing might contribute to and be affected by those expenses. The interview will take approximately 1 hour. If you choose to participate in the interview, we would like to compensate you with a $30 grocery gift card and items from the GT School of City and Regional Planning, such as umbrellas, water bottles, t-shirts, etc.
Will you participate in this study?
If you have any questions or would like to participate in the research, Noel can be reached at (678) 559-4807 or