Beautify FWW & ALL of us !

  • Perception makes a difference :
    If the area feels safe, it likely has a lower crime rate.  But what exactly contributes to that safe feeling?  Cleanliness seems to matter; broken bottles, garbage and neglected properties can all create a sense of jeopardy, and a sense that laws are not heavily enforced.  Other factors like good lighting and welcoming public spaces can make a neighborhood feel safer. 
  • Eric Adams, the new mayor of NYC is promoting public safety on every front, prioritizing the issue which won him the election :   Every city agency will be involved in public safety, even rubbish collectors. “If you live in a neighborhood that is trashy,” says a violence-intervention group, “you think everyone else doesn’t care about the neighborhood, and why should I.”
Two Ways to keep our streets clean:
1- Individual Maintenance: Picking up 10 pieces of trash in front of our properties & on our walks can help keep our streets looking well cared for and reduce crime.
2- FWW Organized Trash Pickups:
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MURALS BRIGHTEN THINGS UP! -Here’s a mural on Felton Drive by Nailah Smith ! Thank-you!