Invitation to discuss combining the neighborhoods.
All of the NA’s have experienced a reduction in leadership volunteers, multiple meetings that have stretched city reps’ attendance and seem to have diluted our individual voice.  These kind of issues and concerns will be addressed at the 10/10 meeting so need to encourage participation.
Here is an infographic on combining the 4 neighborhoods into a more effective and efficient unit for communication.

Fourth Ward West is widely recognized as an organization that promotes diversity to create a safe and inviting community. We embrace all who live, work and play in our neighborhood. FWW can make a difference! FWW is proactive in ensuring a safe and friendly neighborhood by effectively partnering with civic, business and governmental agencies. Through active participation and a strong communications network, we reach all of our diverse populations. We are the voice of the neighborhood.


The Old 4th Ward is divided into 4 Neighborhood Groups.
The Fourth Ward West Neighborhood Association represents the northwestern area of the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. Our boundaries include Peachtree Street, North Avenue, Ponce de Leon Avenue, Boulevard, Highland Avenue, and Baker Street.
All these neighborhoods are officially part of NPU-M in Atlanta City Council District2.

Yellow  = FWW (Fourth Ward West) -NW area
Blue = FWA (Fourth Ward Alliance) -NE area
Green = FWN (Fourth Ward Neighbors) -SE area
Pink= 4th&SAND (4th and Sweet Auburn Neighborhood District) -SW area


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